A Thousand Suns

May 25, 2012
By Sosii GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
Sosii GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Cause my hearts beats,
in the steady pace of heartbreak.

The hourglass on the table,
the finger before the cut.
The silence before the words,
my mouth before it's shut.

As your words reassure my impatient heart,
I know to others, you do the same.
As your face caresses my anxiety to see you,
my heart softly whispers your name.

It's because I've told you all my worries,
the love in all my dreams.
That I sit here and wait patiently,
for an eternity, it seems.

I want to be your only,
the one you're so proud to have.
But maybe I can be your everything,
a thousand suns from now.

The author's comments:
Some people will take you forgranted,
but never lose your true value.

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