From His Coy Mistress

May 25, 2012
By tainerk BRONZE, University Place, Washington
tainerk BRONZE, University Place, Washington
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Your time lies under a shimmering green riverbed where everything carries onward, past gentle toes of a young bubble-blowing girl
A pool of nostalgia where your lust schemes to take a polished pearl
Here's to the next passion you believe you've lifted
We can radiate, disseminate like dust from records newly sifted
Do their names ever resound in your head like ivory keys in a silent room?
Did you know that act was created to produce life in an empty womb?
It's caused you to be tainted
And now you've painted
Over the works of nature that only asked you to be pure
Do you realize there is no cure?
You collect numbers of love with your smutched fingers and toes
Soon to be alone to count your new sorrow and woes
I will hold this feeling under my skin like cinders shedding my soul
Tranquil inside, behind the eyes of blue-ringed coal
The last trace caressing me will be the touch of the rain
Shine illuminating space between your fingers will whisper at the wind in pain
And if you go home dry,
We'll see if you're strong,
If you can tell right from wrong
When you continue to play this game by the sea

The author's comments:
This poem sprouted from my frustration of people who decide to be promiscuous. It was never meant to bring those people down, but maybe just to slip my words into their minds, if even for a few words.

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