Lost importances

May 20, 2012
By 2Sense PLATINUM, Los Lunas, New Mexico
2Sense PLATINUM, Los Lunas, New Mexico
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Lost in my mind
Or is it just lost in time

Cannot tell were I am
so unhopeful that it creates a stretch in life

Asking for the normal
When only if it were abnormal by now
It is not knowing that gets me
lost in this maze with no end but death
I don't even know I got here in the first place

My mind not in that state were I would rather go in a hole and wait till someone finds me

Like they would ever find me
So long forgot that I don't even know who I am

I don't even think that my friends even care anymore
Listening to a bribe when I offered it with no charge
I lost sight in who they were awhile back because if this

Losing a friend is normal than because that is what I asked for
I'd rather lose my life before I lost them but it didn't go that way

Lost in time by listen to that beat that creates my
Joy is who can smile in the death of a family member
From only having my own thoughts to keep me at peace not lost with my friends anymore

No help can be offered
No Salvation for them
No more feelings
No less of what I care for myself

Lost with family that Promise are never filled
Breaking like the toys that are being thrown away when they were put away
Like he Ever like it because he will pay for it

Lost in love because there was never a compass for looking for it
lost at sea because they don't know what to say to me

Lost in My own sorrow
The one I say I have but can't be there

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