June 3, 2012
By Irene Flores BRONZE, Santa Maria, California
Irene Flores BRONZE, Santa Maria, California
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Stress is always wearing black. It is always with you, peering from behind your shoulders. Stress follows you wherever you go,to work,to school, and other stressful places. It haunts you in your dreams until you wake up to worry some more. It screams at you from the back of your mind, causing you to freak out some more. Stress happens to ride away when you are on vacation. Free from the chains of work, papers, and projects. But as your marvelous vacation is about to end, stress flies back to accompany you by the snap of a finger. You will never be able to escape from the harmful hands of stress. You might be able to escape from stress, but it will eventually find you wherever you are. Stress comes and goes. It always does.

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