Painting On A Wall

May 20, 2012
I can tell you were raised well
Educated in the good and the bad
Yes the arts are amazing but some people
Think the arts are for weirdoes
Oh yah they see something and it’s cool
But they don’t understand
How that could be someone’s life painted on a canvas
Expressed in a song
Written about in a play
Or danced about all day long
They don't understand or try to understand
How art
is one of that particular persons personal way of being themselves
Of communicating
They don’t understand
That that’s me being me
That that’s you being you
Him expressing him
Her expressing her
They don’t understand
How Our talents
Hold the keys
To our lives
Our futures
Our dreams
So I’ll act my play
So I’ll sing my song
Do my dance
Paint my painting on a wall
That’s me being me
Him doing him
Her being her
Us doing us
We find ourselves through dancing, singing, painting, writing, acting
We do what we love
And we love what we do
They try to limit us
Define us
By what we say and do
But you tell me
Is that all there is to it
And then you tell me
How are we gonna get through it?
You can’t tell me what to do
Feel or believe
So look I’ll do me
And you do you
So go ahead
You watch
And you wait
But guess what?
I’ll laugh
While I paint

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