Zoop-Zip the Robot Man

May 20, 2012
By Anonymous

There once was a small, made of tin, Robot Man.
His name was Zoop-Zip and his owner's was Sam.
They went on great adventures and had great Fun together,
They were each others best friends sense and forever.
Until one day Sam caught quite a cough.
He laid in bed all day while Zoop-Zip cared for the home, but it turned out, it was not enough.
It happened one day that Sam did not wake up
From his nap after supper,
Zoop-Zip stayed by his bed and waited for his friend to blink
And when when he did not, the little robot's hope began to sink.
He brought Sam more food and sat on his bed
And constantly shook him to wake up his head.
But he would not wake up, he was very, very, sleepy,
And so for the next many years, Zoop-Zip made him happy.
He smiled and told stories to the still sleeping man,
Until he began to rust, and he could no longer stand.
And he too fell asleep there, next to the carcass of Sam,
Still think in his mind, "Just sleeping, I am."

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