Nothing is never enough.
For either of us.
For anybody.
Nothing is ever...okay.
For either of us.
For anyone!
Never had feelings like this before.
Never went emotionally-out-of-my-way.
Never felt so sick.
So fake.
You say you can see who I am.
I cant even see who I am.
I cant deal with all this.
My problems,
PLUS yours.
Vice versa.
Because my problems are supposedly yours too now.
I will always miss those times,
when you made me feel so special,
so real.
I dont want to say goodbye...
Im not a quitter,
I dont give up.
Even if its not good for me,
like you.
People will try...
People HAVE tried,
to keep me away from you.
Clearly thatg isnt working.
I just dont know what to think anymore,
I really dont.
I will miss you when your gone,
but I want to make you better.
I hope you get better.
Because right now,
your making me sick.
I dont know what to say to you.
Maybe people are right...
But maybe people are wrong.
All I know is,
And what you do,
could change ME,

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