May 31, 2012
By KatePhillips.KateHeartsYou SILVER, Whitesettlemet, Texas
KatePhillips.KateHeartsYou SILVER, Whitesettlemet, Texas
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the-tragedy-of-life-is-not-that-it-ends-so-soon-but we wait so long to begin

friends are they good or bad
friends are trust worthy and they talk to you
when you are down you can talk to them
my friends Katelyn, Nikki, jadyn helped me when i was down
there their for me and in there for them
we have each others backs no matter what happens
we listen to each other
bad friends dont listen
they tell you lies and they spread rumors
they bring you down
do you want good or bad friends

The author's comments:
i thought i made a friend but hey just made me feel bad and they said thing about me behind me back.

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