Through the Universe (With You)

May 31, 2012
By Anonymous

Where shall we go tonight?
A place of wonders and mysteries?
A place of fascinating sights you say?
A place no human has gone before

Deeper than the ocean’s floor
A place so vast
Our minds will blast
We try to comprehend its mass

A place we’ll never understand
Until you take my hand
And travel this exuberant land
To prove to you I can…

Yes, my sweet…the universe
Everything but a curse
Hold on to me, let’s fly
Up into the endless sky

What a journey this will be
Especially when you’re with me
Speed of light…set us free
Break through gravity

One less than three
Just you and me
There’s nothing to fear
Earth’s on our rear

Let’s start a new life out here
Outer space is crystal clear
We are traveling time, my dear
Every single light year

Now let us rest
Close your eyes, lean on my chest
As I zoom on through
The universe with you

No one will believe us, that’s okay
They only wish they could see it our way

The author's comments:
Just another love poem that I wrote, it's one of my favorites because I love astronomy and all that. I do love somebody who I cannot be with anymore, that's why I write poems like these.

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