Guitar's Misery

May 31, 2012
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As her fingers pluck my strings I know
Her life has been shaken
Her salty teardrops fall all around us
as her body shakes with sobs
The chords come as comfort to both of us
for she is grief stricken, while I am confused
What have we lost?
Was it the dog she so dearly loved?
Was it her father who made her laugh?
Was it dreams she had dreamed so big?
What was the source of our tears today?
A beautiful melody comes from me
for even in pain and sadness
my girl possesses great talent
She has spent hours with me,
learning her skill.
Eventually, the girl lays on her bed
and hugs my body to hers
I know not the loss she feels,
for I am made of wood
However I still try to be there
I feel as familiar as possible,
for my girl needs me now
Later the girl stops crying,
and plays me some more
Needing to forget her world
and enter mine.
But what my girl doesn't understand
is our worlds are the same
They are identical, and plain
How do I tell her, though,
when she needs escape so badly?
That her guitar, is little more than me

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