Windows into the Soul

May 31, 2012
By nk2012 BRONZE, Roseville, California
nk2012 BRONZE, Roseville, California
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They can sparkle with an amused delight
They can show affection with a glowing light
They can gaze into the distance, thoughtful and deep
They can move about restlessly, in the depths of sleep

Some are like the ocean, stormy and mysterious
Some are like forests, mossy and serious
Some are like honey, warm and alluring
Some are like night, dark and tempting

Showing the secrets deep inside one's heart
Proving what is means to be together or apart
To know the truth, to peel away a disguise
All you must do is look in one's eyes

Whether intense, fiery with a hidden passion
Or lucid and tranquil, in a calm relaxation
Whether as light as water, or as dark as coal
They remain our windows into the soul

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