The Dragon Slayer

May 22, 2012
By calculator BRONZE, Cedar Hills, Utah
calculator BRONZE, Cedar Hills, Utah
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One upon a time there was a brave knight,
He was strong, he was brave, he was quite a sight.
He served the king and the his kingdom,
He would not allow theft, even for the simplest plum,

But within the valley laid a horrible thing,
It opened its eyes and stretched out its wing,
For within the valley laid a dragon,
He torched every tree and stopped on every wagon,
He flew to the village were the people stayed,
With plans the burn it, to make it were nothing laid,
The king told the brave knight that he had a quest,
To slay the dragon before it made a mess,

The knight rode to the village and faced the dragon,
Who are you, to burn down this village? Asked the knight,
Then the dragon stood up so tall he blocked out the light,
I am to dragon, I can do what I please… he said in a booming voice,
Fine, said the knight, then you give me no choice,
The knight drew his sword in a flash of light,
Then he swing with all his might,
The sword missed and hit the ground,
Then the dragon jumped into the air with a great big bound,
Then flew with his wings, above the knight,
Flaming fire with smoke as black as night,
The knight jumped behind a large tree,
The dragon then roared, laughing with glee,
The fire stopped as the dragon walked toward the knight,
You cant stop me, said the dragon, not even with all your might,
Then the knight said you’re right, come down and let me help you,
The dragon was startled, what was the knight planning to do,
The dragon lowered his body down, what to you want, he said,
The night said, nothing I just want to help your cut on your head,
The dragon lowered his head to the ground,
Then the knight swiftly cut it off, with one great bound,

The dragon then thumped to the ground, dead in its lair,
Then the brave knight was called the dragon slayer,

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