May 22, 2012
By Mallory Humbert BRONZE, Jasper, Indiana
Mallory Humbert BRONZE, Jasper, Indiana
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Spirit exploding from the depths of my skin
Optimistic with every waking moment
I am never without a genuine smile
Radiating happiness inside and out
I am loving with my mind and thoughtful with my heart
Striving for the best of my abilities
To excel through all expectations for myself
My expectations, others' expectations
Like a sewing machine, I work for the glamorous product
The platinum end result
I have intense rays of golden aspirations
I am the brightly shining Sun
Eyes glistening with power, my courageous strength
I believe in dreams, unimaginable and attainable
Always looking for that unseen sparkle
The extra gleam of a spotless dream
I have 5 feet of potential plus 7 extra inches of pizzazz
Not one millimeter of doubt
With determination, I can overcome the worries and stress
Fear not of the simplest agitations
I keep moving and moving
I rarely slow down
Bouncing around as if I were a dazzling kangaroo
Life is the lock, and laughter is the key
I live for the pearl of excitement
I have not time for bloodstone bores
Lively as a lion
Happy as a hyena
Bold as a bear
Confidence, loyalty
Keep the qualities close to my heart
A dove flying peacefully through the dark of the night
Thinking, "What will come of the future?"
Soaring through the mystifying adventure of life

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