May 22, 2012
The wind sat silently on my shoulder, breathing on my neck. With it, the carried faint cries of a flock of angels met me beneath the cobalt sky. I sat in a daze watching them, hopelessly wishing that I too could fly someday. Westward, a vermillion haze nestled itself into the bellies of each fragile little cloud. A sunset poked its way through the atmosphere, gently hugging me with its soft golden arms. The day was much shorter than those of last months. Though the time seemed to pass like most; in no hurry.

Gravity stuck on me heavy, pasting me against the shingles: bitter, grainy, cold. Millions of them, patches sewn into rows like a quilt. The sun tickled my eyes as it bounced from one square to the next.

I felt like a stranger in my surroundings, awkwardly sitting alone. Every so often maple leafs will find their way through the wind. Crispy little dancers, dancing the bossa-nova; a ticketless show. Other than this, I was alone on the terrace. My legs unfolded from my chest. Arms stretched out to full wing span. Spread out flat like gingerbread on a cookie sheet.

A gusty wind kissed my pink blushed cheeks. The scent of dried rain still lingered from the early morning shower. It was a sticky sort of smell. I could feel the rumble of a train approaching in the distance. It gave a “huff” in its heavy breathing as it chugged itself along the tracks. Screaming through its teeth, the train made its point then disappeared back into the distance.

An obsidian sky sat over the sunset. Freckled with gold and white specks, scattered throughout the canvas. Every star turned to dust in the presence of the moon, softly burrowed in the sky. She is an angel, hovering over the world with all her light. Selfishly, I wish I could put her in my pocket.

I felt a yawn stirring deep within my chest. It brought me to my knees, encouraging me to crawl across the terrace. Before stepping back through the open window, I looked at my phone for the time; 11:11. Upon the hour and every star in the sky, I made a wish, and then stepped back inside through window.

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TickTockBANG said...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 7:04 pm
Wow, this is really beautiful. I can't say which line or little bit is my favorite, because there are so many that I re-read because I liked them so much,
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