To You the People Who Changed Me

May 21, 2012
By Anonymous

Did you ever think that you’re the ones that changed me?
No… Huh
I didn’t think so
You were the ones that made me change
From being a nice cheerful girl with no trust issues
To a cold hearted unhappy girl with trust issues
You were the ones who turned me into
A the girl I am now
A girl that plasters a fake smile for her friends
So they can’t see the real her
A girl who can’t even trust the girl
That she calls her best friend
A girl who everyone talks about her behind her back
Calling her a b**** and what not saying she’s changed
But none of you ever thought twice
That you’re the ones that made me this way
And that I’m may never return to my normal self
Now you’ve changed this girl so much
That her own family calls her rude and cold hearted
That her family thinks she’s may never be her normal self
And the only reason you guys don’t realize that you have changed her
Is because she doesn’t show her hurt feelings or tears
Because she’s tired of everyone calling her weak
And that the only she changed was because of you
And your words
But either way you’re still not pleased with
How she is
So you just keep on talking
Until she reaches her breaking point
Then will you realize that you changed or
Will you just say whatever
And move on to your next victim
That’s what you’re going to do
You guys will never realize what you have done
Will you
No is your answer …Right?

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