The Truth

May 21, 2012
By Natalie Louban, Greenville, NY

The day everything seems to be going your way.
When reality comes and slaps you in the face. Literally.
Hurts doesn't it?
To be on the other side of this so-called lying game.
The truth will make you wonder whats really....
The day everyone despises you,
along with every move you make.
You feel all their eyes traveling upon you,
burning into the back of your skull.
Following your every move.
Areyour friends really your friends?
Or had that been a lie too?
Maybe your life is full of lies and jealousy.
I don't think hate is the right title,
for a situation like this.
You've been a part of every clique,
every boy has liked you ATLEAST once.
Every single one of us has also HATED you once.
Is that what we said?
No, we were just lying.
Because we are all.....
Those days when you can't stop crying,
and you feel like the world is ending,
when you believe every word you hear,
every lie.
Every comment.
Every detail,
to every rumour.
Most likely everything BUT the truth.
It makes you want to curl up and die.
It makes you sick.
Chilling you to the bone.
When you hear what people think about you...
Hey! They're just telling the truth.

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