Untruthfully Forgotten

May 21, 2012
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The lights go out
Only a flash
And everything's dark
What happened?
You fumble around
Only to be caught by someone
Someone who's not there
You keep moving forward
Everything goes cold
In the darkness you shiver
It feels as if you're in a small space
But in truth
The darkness won't end
You close your eyes
And here a voice
But you don't believe
You keep moving forward
Falling to your knees
You hear the voice again
Something tells you to listen
But you don't want to
You try to stand
Only to fall again
This time someone helps you up
Someone who's not there
Should you go forward?
The voice says so
But that voice isn't there
You stand in place
While lies fill your head
Your knees burn
You feel blood
You know you can't go on
Someone pushes you
More than one person
You refuse to believe
But you know they mean something to you
Or maybe they don't
They did once
One step at a time
You keep going
You hear the voice again
You run
Someone grabs your wrist
Pulls you back
Whispers in your ear
Tears start to fall
They leave
But were they ever there?
You fall
Ignore the pain
You're too cold
Too numb
The blood doesn't bother you
But the tears do
Why are they there?
You hear the voice
You don't believe it
It fades away
It was too late
The lights flicker
For just a moment
But long enough for you to see
Everything you can't feel
The tears
The cuts
The bruises
All fresh from them
But they weren't there
Did you do it yourself?
What about the numbness?
Is that real?
You feel it
You can't make it go away
It's there
It's the one thing you believe
The lights come on
You stand
They flicker
Like they feel what you don't
Still, they're on
You walk back
You feel free
But the voice
The one that isn't there
Knows you're not

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