Time Will Tell

May 21, 2012
By Bassdude BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
Bassdude BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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There once was a young man who walked along the sea
as he watched the waves roll up the beach
he would wonder what his life would hold,
who he would turn out to be.
“Only time will tell,” he knew
but still the man could not wait.
He wished for the day that he’d know all the answers
the day he would know his fate.
20 years later the man returned to the shore,
only this time with his wife
He thought back to the time he wondered what would happen in his life
But still the man wished forward.
He wished away the time.
15 years later the man again returned to the shore,
but this time with his kids
and they walked along the shore.
Happily together.
Eventually the man’s kids grew up and the man grew old
He took one last walk on the shore.
He wanted to be back before he knew the answers.
And as the sun set and the waves receded back into the sea
The man thought “I wish I knew what happens next.”

The author's comments:
I got the idea to write this while sitting on the beach one night. It was about a week before school started. I, much like the man in the poem, was wondering what would happen in the coming year. When I return to the beach next year,what would I know than that I did not know now. I than realized how fast time goes when your wish it away. I remembered sitting on the beach the previous summer wondering the exact same thing about now.

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