Purity in the Wind

May 21, 2012
By Anonymous

A cool breeze sends a shiver through my body
And ahead a spectacular view rises across
The now fading late afternoon sky,
I watch as it melts into a rainbow over on the horizon,

Underneath me, there are
Pictures of hundreds of rolling acres of infinite white
Pure white

The snow now drifts from the clouds in multiple different directions
Blinding the eyes of many,
Each minuscule pellet dissolving once its target is reached
Leaving nothing but a light trace of liquid when
The pure white has gone

Voices fill the frigid air below me
Each one becoming smaller and smaller as my elevation rises
And the smell of pine
The bold, almost minty smell of pine fills my senses

I turn to the other side,
Take a whiff of the
Stiff and frigid winter air surrounding me
That again, sends a freezing shiver through my body

The sun has almost completely disappeared from the sky
And the sounds that once reflected off of the white-topped trees
Have come to the state of serene silence

I see the route I am headed on
Will soon be coming to an end
So I prepare myself,
Gracefully slide myself off of the chair lift
And ski into the hundreds of rolling acres of infinite white
Pure white

When I reach the bottom
Loud voices come from the old wooden lodge

At last, the voices,
The motion of the people dancing,
The laughter filled deep within their souls
Has come back

I slip in through the door
Sit down,
And relax myself in the comfort of family and friends

Already, I feel a rush of excitement to be coming back tomorrow,
To feel the shiver of the wind
Smell the pine of the pine tree
Inhale the stiffness of the frigid air around me,
And to ski the pictures of hundreds of rolling acres of infinite white
Pure white

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