May 21, 2012
By Maddie Durbin BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
Maddie Durbin BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
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Friends are special people
you have in your life

Friends are faithful people
you can tell your secrets to

Friends are dependable people
you can call anytime,
day or night

Friends are unique people
who never judge

Friends are priceless people
you can trust with your life

Friends are entertaining people
who make you laugh ‘til you pee your pants

Friends are incomparable people
who make life worth it

Friends are awesome people
who always have a shoulder to cry on

Friends are wonderful people
that everyone needs

Friends are enjoyable people
who are just fun to be around

Friends are respectful people
who make you feel good about yourself

But the best things about friends
is that you can be a
special, faithful, dependable, unique, priceless, entertaining, incomparable, awesome, wonderful, enjoyable, respectful
friend to someone, too

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