May 21, 2012
Time passes as a heart breaks
Slowly mending unevenly and ragged
Physically intact
Emotionally shattered
You try to move on
Try to forget the past and the pain
And yet it never leaves your mind
A song
A word
A picture
Can bring back the hurt
A fresh wave of many more to come
Running away never works
For your broken heart is still with you
You must except it and continue with your life
Easier said than done
As your mangled heart tried to beat
Searching for only one face that you don't want
But need
Wipe away the falling tears
Sparkling down your cheeks with each drop
Try to keep moving forward
For somebody will be there to put you back together
Whether a friend or a family member
A comforting embrace
And a mending heart
Time passes and the melody and sunshine of a smile breaks through
Keep your chin up
Don't shed another tear
You never know who's watching
The next just might fall for the smile that is covering your inner turmoil
Time may pass slowly or quickly, but a broken heart can heal

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