May 22, 2012
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She can feel it
Slipping slowly from her grasp
To bad it was the kind of thing
She really wanted to last

But how can she save it
When it's so far gone
It used to be so different
Flirtatious and fun

But the fresh and new relationship
Became something old and dry
And still the thought of finally letting go
Brings tears of pain to her eyes

But now its slipping further
As she slowly discovers
Where everything went wrong

When her eyes met his
A connection formed there
And by the time they kissed
Everyone knew they were the perfect pair

But the perfect couple
Didn't last a month
They started having trouble
And they began to fight a ton

She felt it slipping
Only a little at a time
But a silent time bomb was ticking
Till their relationship became a crime

But still it slipped further
And now she sits, thinks, and discovers
Where everything went wrong

Stupid fights became more frequent
Till his words escalated into violence
And the bruises on her body
Stripped her of her innocence

But he became a master
Of putting a smile on her chin
Only seconds after
His hard hits stung her skin

She forgave and forgot
And the bruises healed in time
But his hits never ceased
Ans her face gained worry lines

Violence caused this relationship to slip
Through her aching fingers
And now its going-going-gone
And now she doesn't need to discover
Where everything went wrong


She knows.

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