Eating Disorders: Not Enough Cotton Candy, Cream-filled Donuts and Chocolat

May 22, 2012
By Rebecca Harris BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
Rebecca Harris BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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Rachel struts into the office with her 4 ½ inch heels,
Blue Suede with black leather soles.
Her hair in loose curls,
Eyes made up,
Teeth bleached,
She looked like an 8ft giant that walks the runway with long, spidery legs.
Her 22-year-old figure was toothpicks put together.
She scoots over to her desk where she works as a Fashion Secretary—
One of the Editors from Vogue even,
The clock clicks to 12

Some of the other girls ask her to join, but she declines and says she is fine,
Maybe she’ll go later,
Maybe she’ll go alone,
Maybe she won’t go at all.

Twiggy’s appeal set a standard that frustrated fleshier females and caused eating disorders for years to come.

Rip! Crackle! Munch, Munch, Munch, Burp!!!!
Wrappers cover the floor in the bathroom stall,
Kit Kats and cotton candy and donuts of every filled flavor—
Hazelnut, Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate cream.
She bites into each dessert, licks all the wrappers and rubs her stomach with content.
She pushes her stomach out in the mirror, looking for the protruding pouch,
She frowns as she shoves a unwrapped Suzie-Q into her mouth.
She glares with jealousy to the new magazine poster hanging in the bathroom.
The title streams, “Bigger the Better” and “A BIG Change Is On Its Way”.
She stands, sticking out her gut against the poster and examining how her body compared.
She shoves another Suzie-Q into her mouth.

I suppose Twiggy didn’t plan for that…

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