Man invents bikini that turns invisible in the sun

May 22, 2012
By cmurguia2302 BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
cmurguia2302 BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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Awkward and out of place
He wasn't popular
Or well known
But he was sweet.

He always smiled
And I never understood
Why he didn't have friends.

He never hung out
Wasn't part of a crowd
But his ways
Never unkind or loud.

A nerd some said of him,
But one day
He would prove them wrong.

He rarely got a date
Or got talked to by a girl
They're having trouble with their
Algebra homework.

He's emotionally bereft
And sexually frustrated.

By the summer of 2012
He created something
So grand
Any man would
Dream of such a thing..

After years of mad research
He became godlike
To most men..

He invented

The bikini that would turn
In the presence of the sun.
He was all over T.V.
And the newspaper
Showing up those who
Shunned him

His research paid off
And now he would always say

“It's great to be a
Poorly-dressed fashion-less
Startrekking role-playing
Ninety pound when wet down
Pasty skinned pop drinking
Underfed genius.”

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