What Did You Do At Your Sleepover?

May 22, 2012
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What did you do at your sleepover?

Slept. I got there and as soon as
We went to the basement
We went to bed.
That’s what you’re supposed to do right?

Snuck out. Right when her parents
Went to bed we left the house.
We just walked around town
In the middle of the night.
Down to the park,
Around the block,
And sat in the street.

Talked. All we did was sit on her bed
And talk about boys.
How cute Jimmy is
And how sweet George is.
OMG I have the biggest crush on him.

Drugs. We had the fantastic idea to try drugs.
Each of us brought a few pills of different drugs
And tossed them in a bowl.
Later, with our eyes closed we picked two
And took them. It was so cool and safe!
You approve right?

Boys. We snuck boys into the basement.
All the popular football jocks who like us
For our personality
And just want to cuddle
And watch some movies.

Joyriding. Her dad’s new jet-black corvette
Was just too tempting.
I know none of us have our licenses
But if you add our ages together, at least we’re of age.

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