Cannibal Cafe

May 18, 2012
By Savannah96 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Savannah96 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Male: 18 to 35 wanted,
Well built preferred.
Contact Armin Meiwese.

My heart palpitated,
Shoving heavily on my chest,
Beating against my ribcage,
As I heaved in hesitant excitement.

This didn’t sound like,
Fantasy only, as the site’s disclaimer
Tried to beat in my head.
This man, Armin Meiwese,
Sound serious.

My fingers rolled over the track pad,
A hopeful smile lingered on my lips,
As I typed a reply.

When he answered, we agreed
We’d go to his house.

The idea of it made me giggle,
Willingly giving my life
-and my body-
To someone I barely knew,
Just for his dinner.

The author's comments:
I read an article on the NY-Times website, which was talking about a case of cannibalism in Germany. Two men had met on a fantasy cannibalistic based website, and one of them let another person consume them. It was so disgusting to me that i couldn't stop thinking about it, I couldn't stop wondering why someone would willingly let another person do that. I felt like i had to write this man's ecstatic explanation.

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