If the world was perfect he would be mine

May 28, 2012
By Anonymous

It has been so long since I have seen your flawless face,
and yet I yearn for your sweet embrace.
I have yet to go a day without being reminded of your funny way.
When I’m reminded of you
I sit there and think of what I can do
but it all seems too much.
Too much for you and too much for me,
but I can’t help but think of what we truly could be.
I want to say so much, but I’m scared to see
The reaction of you and the consequences of me
I know sometimes you hold back too
Which I wish you wouldn’t do
But I know it’s hard
To catch yourself off guard
I know how it feels
To feel vulnerable with deals
There are other guys who want a piece
But I will not promise something I cannot keep
I hate to hurt anyone
But my predicament is a ton
It leads me back to you and my scheme
Of what I dream
I know how I feel
When I’m with you
I speak the truth
That’s just what I do
And I know for a fact
That my love for you
Is very
And completely

The author's comments:
we always want what we cannot have

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