May 28, 2012
I've been living my life as a portrait this past week
Staring at the door
Wait for your return
Staying by the phone
Waiting for your call

This stormy evening
All I'm wanting is
Someone to hold me
While I'm weak
Someone to put a smile
On my face when I'm down

Where are you, baby?
I swear, I've been waiting here forever
And when you come home
I'll be waiting for you
Upon your doorstep

Tear after tear
You'd think I'd run dry by now
Break and break
Getting my hopes too high
To only break me down again

Give me a reason to why I'm waiting
Give me a reason why I'm not leaving
Give me one simple reason
I'll stay

What did I ever do to deserve this?
What can I ever to to get you back?
I've loved you all along
I promise--
I'll always love you

I'm tired of waiting
Minutes turn into hours
Hours turn into days
Tell my how I haven't lost my mind?

Tell me why I'm still waiting

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