To Tell A Lie

May 15, 2012
By Anonymous

You start out thinking,
“It will be okay.”
When really you know it won’t.
You lie about your age
So that you can join your friends online.
Then you talk to stranger
When you know you shouldn’t.
He seems to be kind and caring
And he listens to your problems when no one else will.
You think it’s okay
But it’s really not.
After awhile you stop talking to him.
You get busy
And he gets jealous.
You didn’t realize that he kept following you online.
He liked all your statuses,
Commented on all your photos,
And wont stop messaging you.
So you delete your online account,
Thinking that will stop it.
But then you remember
You put everything online.
You tell your parents about the man
And they tell the police.
They tried to track the man down
But there was no prof of him.
They think you are lying to get attention
When really this is not the lie you told.
So everyone goes on with there life
And the messages stop
Until one day you get home from school
And there on your pouch
Stands the man from the Internet
Before you get a chance to run
He grabs you and throws you in a van.
You’re gone forever.
If only you hadn’t told that lie,
You’d still be with us today.

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