May 20, 2012
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I can’t go to school today
You see,
My dog ate my homework,
My cat’s in my backpack,
The fish needs water,
And the bus is late,
I can go after, you say?
No, no,
I broke my ankle,
Twisted my wrist,
Cracked my finger,
And fell into space!
I tripped on the stairs,
Choked on pears,
None of this happened? What do you mean?
I have a bruise, just to prove it,
You see?
I have a headache,
A stomach flu,
Chicken poxes that make me c***-a-doodle-do!
I have a cold, a fever,
Medicine? No, I don’t want that!
The cherry flavored makes me gag,
The orange is just as bad,
Lemon makes me faint into bed,
Grape, don’t even get me started on that!
You insist?!
I’m cold,
Have frostbite,
My toes won’t move!
I need a blanket; they don’t allow them at school!
My head is burning!
I need an icepack,
A cooler!
Still, you insist, that I should go to school.
You need a good reason?
Those were all perfectly fine.
Okay, another,
Heard that for lunch,
They’re serving broccoli pie

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