To It's Extent: Life

May 20, 2012
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To Its Extent; Life.

I am alone.
Drowning in a sea of confusion
Rolling with the tide
Existing behind a shaded curtain
A single shadow,
Tiptoeing around the sleeping beast called

We are together.
Traveling forward,
Escaping from the past.
Running from the emotion we
Do not wish to face
From an old self.
Forgotten memories and a dried tear

Together we are strong.
Together we will fight.
Together we will stand until the last has
Together we will conquer the fear
And every emotion we still do not wish to face.

Alone we are weak.
Alone we are vulnerable.
Alone we are easily wounded.
Alone, we must face the world with a painted on smile
And hidden tearstains.
Alone will cause heartache,
But also redemption.

A chance to begin again?
To fill the empty space
That once caused glee?
To face the emotions
To fight!
Never surrender
To break the wall oppressing me
And let my light shine a million times brighter

But, you must know that I,
Nor you,
Are ever alone.
Because you have me
And I you.

A soul once spoke;
You are never as innocent as you may seem.
Not to me.
Not to them.
Not to you.
Not to us.
For when you are alone,
Not together.
You may find yourself to change
To become a different person.

A monster?
But who shall know?
For no one is watching.
Life will go on,
No use in looking back now.
Life, as always, is moving
Away from the moment.
And into the next.
For life is a rolling tide,
Always predictable.
Always coming.
But hinting at the danger, we fear too much.

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