May 20, 2012
By Live.Life BRONZE, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin
Live.Life BRONZE, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin
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My teacher gave me an assinment, it asked what i wanted to be when i grew up. I wrote down happy, she told me i didnt understand the assinment i told her she didnt understand life.

I've given my life to other people,
Most just walked on by
Not seeing that i loved them
And the pain they left behind

I've given my heart to other people,
they made it hard to say goodbye
But they didn't feel my pain,
I feel it deep inside

I've told my story to many people,
most looked the other way
But the4y didn't see,
The cuts,and scars
I wasted myself away,

I gave my life to other people
Who didn't really care
I gave it to the people,
Who Were never really there

The author's comments:
I wrote this a while ago, when my boyfriend cheated on me. This poem is just about realizing the truth, and accepting it even though it's hard to.

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