I could die here

May 20, 2012
By Cuteiswhatiaimfor BRONZE, Naples, Florida
Cuteiswhatiaimfor BRONZE, Naples, Florida
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Oh I just can’t seem to find the right words
To get these feelings across without it seeming “at length”
These days I'm just so confused
This place is cursed
Without that warmth I found
I'm bound for a swift and early end
I cant stand it
I could die here

But when I see your face, all that is gone, the words flow like a river,
fluid and beautiful
Its in your eyes I find what it is I must have
The truth I need to allow me to feel again
To let go of everything that’s happened before this
To close my eyes
And just kiss
To breathe it in
To let my soul free.
Girl I love you so much it hurts
The good kind of hurt
The kind of hurt one would happily drown in.
Sitting here, under this tree, it doesn’t get any better
I could die here

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