Silence is Golden

May 20, 2012
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Silence is golden.
Silence is wished for, hoped for, dreamed for,
When voices echo
When bells ring
When birds whistle
When silence can only be a distant hope.

Silence is golden
Hear the sweet sound of nothing
To the emptiness,
Vacant voices,
Missing music,
Speechless song.

Only your thoughts can be heard.
Not a rustle,
Not a sound,
Not a movement,

Only when suddenly,
A conversation begins,
A timer goes off,
Or a car zooms by,
Do we realize,
That silence is golden.

Sounds of your life,
That never go away,
Constant chirping or singing, dinging or zooming,
Until you find a place,
Where the only ding, song, chirp or zoom,
Is in your imagination.
That is when silence is golden.

Find a place, Find a time,
To embrace the beloved sound of silence,
To escape,
And simply enjoy,
Silence is golden.

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