Why Me ?

May 30, 2012
By Anonymous

I'm sitting
at school
in the wight
trying not to cry,
trying to fix my broken
don't get why i
want to cry.

I'm fine
I'm just tired
oh, I'm just cold
No! i don't cut!
what will give you
that idea?

Yeah i know,
i look sad
i look like I'm
going to cry.
i am or i want to

why am i here?
why do i need to

going out side but
i don't want
to it looks to
happy out there.

do i look sad to you?
do i look like I'm going to
cry to you?
do i look like i want to die
to you?

why do you want to
know whats wrong with
why can't i just die?
why can't someone just
love me for me?
I'm going to
die tonight
I'm going to put a
gun to my head
and end all my

The author's comments:
this is how i feel deep down in side,
i hope that you understand that i'm going throw a herd life.

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