3 short poems

May 30, 2012
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The snow is beautiful and white
And sure enough I am so right
The snow is quite pretty
Falling in my city
And piling up to reach my height

Snow is what I need for sledding
Snow is the dress for my future bride’s wedding
Snow is a season
Giving a reason
To dismiss all that is dreading

Snow comes in exactly one single color
Giving us no choice to suffer
Heavy but also light
And it gets so bright
Giving me glory in its honor

No Matter how often it comes and goes
People wait for it in ones and droves
To enjoy its color
To greet its honor
To enjoy Christmas as it grows

My Alarm Clock

It bothers me when off it goes
Especially as its ugly noise grows
Piercing to my ears
Putting me in tears
As its awful whistling sound blows

I am so gentle to it at night
While making sure I set it right
When the morning comes
And it emits its bombs
That’s when we start having our fight

Often I feel like throwing it out
That’s when I feel I can’t do without
To it I hold on
And my life goes on
Foes and friends until it runs out

On the one hand, I’m surely up
On the other hand, I’m a grump
Badly I need it
Sadly I beat it
Out of my bed It makes me jump

My Car
It takes me here and also there
To me it has been always fair
It takes me to school
In it I look cool
Driving around needs lots of care

Riding in it is so much fun
It’s there for my errands to run
Frightened me to death
Until my last breath
As once on the snow it has spun

Tiers, brakes, oil change as it might need
It’s a friend on I count indeed
Clean wash and best gas
Emissions test it’ll pass
No wonder why it’s up to speed

No wonder why it takes the lead
Once again it is up to speed
Kept shiny and clean
As it can be seen
That for it I’m in a bad need

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DreamingOutQuiet said...
Jun. 4, 2012 at 8:48 pm
This is good work, keep it up, and maybe work on your word chice a little
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