A Girl

May 30, 2012
She is the girl who gets the dirty looks in the halls.
She is the girl who cries when no one is watching.
She is the girl who hears all the dirty names they call.
She is the girl who watches everyone in case they start falling.

She is the girl who has no self-esteem.
The one you call a freak.
Her tears flow like a stream.
And you call her a geek.

She is smart,
But only a few know because of her silence.
She thinks with only her heart.
The words she uses are full of violence.

This is the girl who no one hears
The few that do, don't listen.
This is a girl with many fears.
This is a girl with many tales.

This girl is afraid of men, for they've beaten her.
A girl who walks with her head down, for she is ashamed of herself and what others may think.
The smile she plasters on her face, is false.
Her past is frightening, though her smile is as bright as lightening.

She has nightmares nearly every night
Always waking in fright.
This is a girl who will no longer fight.
This is the girl out of sight.

I'm sure you don't know her,
But I know I do.
I'm very close to this girl.
I am one of two who have seen her breakdown.

This girl is always around.
This girl is a picture on the wall.
This girl is hard to be found.
This girl hides from the tall.

This girl, is me.
Am I a freak?

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