Changing Seasons

May 25, 2012
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It was summer
Not so long ago.
An endless summer
Of flowers and fairies.
I was a princess then,
Awaiting marriage
To my own Prince Charming,
And happily ever after
Was every day.
It was a time
Of dragons, elves, magic.
A time of love.
A time of peace.
A time when anything was possible,
And nothing could go wrong.

But as sure as the days go by,
So, too, must seasons change,
And summer faded to fall.
The leaves,
Red, yellow, orange,
Fell from the trees
To make a carpet
Of color.
The leaves, they were beautiful,
And the piles, oh so fun.
But the flowers were gone,
And the magic had left,
And the world was withering.

The days, they got colder,
And the nights, they grew longer,
And before I knew it,
Winter had set in.
The world turned to ice
And cold.
The fairies,
My childhood companions,
Left me alone.
Alone in a world without magic,
Without life.
And I was no longer a princess,
But a slave
To Time.

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