Stuck in Darkness

May 25, 2012
I am stuck in darkness.
Trying to find a way out.
I am cold and numb.
Why did you leave me, what did I do wrong?
You said you would never let me go.
Now, I am hanging on a ledge, with no one here to help me.
You promised forever.
So is this what my forever is?
I love you so much; You said you loved me too.
But the next day, you left my side.
I am alone again.
That hollow spot in my chest has returned.
Life is hard, on your own, that’s why I need you.
But I see that doesn’t matter to you.
Now I cry myself to sleep every night.
Wanting you to hold me in your arms once again.
Waiting for you to tell me that everything will be okay.
Why did you leave me?
I gave you all I had.
Wasn’t that enough for you?
I told you I couldn’t live without you, are you testing me to see if I can?
I am stuck in darkness.

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