May 25, 2012
By Sohinee BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
Sohinee BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
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Favorite Quote:
The heart has reasons that reason doesn\'t understand.

Scatter,scatter,here and there
Back,back again in Oblivion's flair
Melt and disperse away
Into seven colors of rays.
You'll come back to me I know
Doesn't matter how far you go!

Touch,touch,touch,the sky
Hurry,hurry,back to my side
Shy first,show your true colors next
Watch me,as I watch you in pure jest
You'll glow in the morning light
Shine while you can,with all your might.

Violet,came to me and sighed
Indigo was fast-fading and slowly died
Blue,charming,shone with chivalrous tone,

with each minute spared
Green,alluring,played along its lines,

its fresh tenderness bared.

Yellow was chrome shaded,sweet like a blessing of the Sun,
Orange,soaring high,like a victor's banner after the victory is won
Red was bloody to look at,merged with the others,in their morning run.
The Sky dawned early with a Spectra,after the rain's work was done.

Are you a morning illusion or a dream?
Revealing the powers of the Supreme!
Were you once a fettered child of White?
Alas!She had to set you free,in the heavenly tide!
You faded back to White, sweetly, again!
Won't you unveil your true colors to me,after each morning rain?

The author's comments:
This is Physics with a touch of literature :)

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