May 24, 2012
Dreadful silence fills this home.

It starts out innocent,
But it will build.
The pressure of nothing;
My sanity killed.

The impact of silence;
It continues to drone.
The impact of silence;
Truly, I am alone.

I fall to my knees,
All my strength drains
The quiet surrounds me,
It's screaming my name.

It's turning my body
Inside out;
My throat is burning,
I cannot shout.

Now the silence is broken,
But only in vain;
With cruel words and hatred
My rage will still gain.

They torment my thoughts.
I'm biting my tongue,
I'm dodging their shots.

My temples are pounding,
This is not what I need.

I'm punching brick walls
And I won't pause to bleed.

They blame me;
Those voices,
When I don't speak.

They blame;
Those voices,
Even when I do.

They blame me, those voices;

Yes, you blame me;
For the silence and all our pain,
You blame me,
Though you won’t listen
When I scream out your name.

So I’ll silence those words,
If it’s the last thing I do.
I’ll even bring an end to this silence;
And I’ll be the end of you.

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