The Bird

May 24, 2012
By Lilith.Amy.Carra SILVER, Toronto, Other
Lilith.Amy.Carra SILVER, Toronto, Other
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Once I saw a bird go by,
It was high, high, high in the sky.
I felt that I could fly like that Bird in the sky,
If I tried.

Days went by, minutes, months
I spent my time having parties
Groaning through lessons,
Hosting luncheons
Doing whatever I wanted
(Especially at lunch)

Then there came a day when it all fell apart
No more freedom, it struck like a dagger to my heart.
Only imprisonment.
Again I saw that bird go by,
Flying in the sky
I realized I could never fly
Like that bird going by

Then one day I was freed.
I rejoiced, feeling like that bird When it learned how to fly.
But sad, for who I would leave behind.
But no!
I was put back into imprisonment,
But a different place

One day they came again, they said
"Madame, you will not be coming back."
"Am I being freed?"
"In a way." Was the reply

They took me to a place I cannot Describe.
I saw that it was time when I saw That bird again, for the last time.

Then I knew what I was meant to do.
I spread my wings, and

No one saw me fly, but I did
Like that bird in the sky.
I never came down, and I never Will.
I am, (but only in a certain sense)
Truly Alive

The author's comments:
I wrote this inspired by the French Revolution after reading about the daughter of Marie Antoinette. This was about the sister of the King, Elisabeth, and partially inspired by Joan Of Arc. I'm not sure who I wrote it for, but it makes me feel that there is always a chance for freedom, no matter where you are, and that freedom may not be what you originally imagined it to be.

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