The Bird

May 24, 2012
Once I saw a bird go by,
It was high, high, high in the sky.
I felt that I could fly like that Bird in the sky,
If I tried.

Days went by, minutes, months
I spent my time having parties
Groaning through lessons,
Hosting luncheons
Doing whatever I wanted
(Especially at lunch)

Then there came a day when it all fell apart
No more freedom, it struck like a dagger to my heart.
Only imprisonment.
Again I saw that bird go by,
Flying in the sky
I realized I could never fly
Like that bird going by

Then one day I was freed.
I rejoiced, feeling like that bird When it learned how to fly.
But sad, for who I would leave behind.
But no!
I was put back into imprisonment,
But a different place

One day they came again, they said
"Madame, you will not be coming back."
"Am I being freed?"
"In a way." Was the reply

They took me to a place I cannot Describe.
I saw that it was time when I saw That bird again, for the last time.

Then I knew what I was meant to do.
I spread my wings, and

No one saw me fly, but I did
Like that bird in the sky.
I never came down, and I never Will.
I am, (but only in a certain sense)
Truly Alive

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