The Haunting

May 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Remember when you told me you hated me?
i know it wasn't suppose to mean much but now its back to haunt me.
every time you say you love me, i hear traces of hate in your voice.
i question your love because of another four letter word.
remember when you said i was nothing, the equivalent of zero
i wanted to prove you wrong but i knew in the back of my mind you were right.
  you said you didn't mean it but that doesn't mean you didn't say it.
remember you said i would amount to a prostitute, as lose as can be,
only good to be a baby making machine,
i decided to close my heart and never let any man look at me,
only because he might prove you right.
remember when you said i was ugly?
today I'm still looking in the  mirror believing you
they always said you were the smart one
so i picked up some books to escape  their words
but you always say "stop reading those books, you can't comprehend them anyway"
you just didn't understand, in those books i was somebody.
i was smart, beautiful, and  well respected.
i was wanted. and all i ever wanted to be was accepted by you.
but all you did was judge
so i hid myself away from you, 
i became someone you might accept.
every word you've said to bring me down over the years has come back to haunt
the funny thing now is that i can even hear them in your encouraging words

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