we dont belong

May 24, 2012
By Anonymous

we dont belong
we have been adused
we dont fit in with anyone
we arent loved
we hurt our family
w hurt ourselfs
we dont trust anyone
we dont love anyone
we dont care what people say
we dont love anyone any more
we dont want any one to miss with us
we will hurt someone if they f*** with us
we dont care want people do to us
we dont care if poeple talk about us
we dont care about our family
we dont care about anyone
we dont care about what we do anymore
this is why we dont belong anymore
this is why i dont belong

The author's comments:
this has happened to me. if anyone feels like there alone there not alone. i was too alone and i still am but i tell my friends about it. they help me put to. so my point is that you arnt alone.

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