A Sincere Farewell

May 24, 2012
By MarilynJP BRONZE, East Boston, Massachusetts
MarilynJP BRONZE, East Boston, Massachusetts
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We overlooked the rise of a “trend” and let it do its own thing.
With such a delay in the works of exposing it, it just simply
She silently sat there, observing everyone, simply taking it in.
But in the darkness someone was murmuring trash about her,
someone in the distance stared at her with disgust.
She was labeled. She was excluded. She just never was good enough.
The words senselessly being shouted from her mind, wounded her.
The memories pained her more than the cuts on her wrist.
The memories were a constant reminder.
She was fed up, drowning in her thoughts, simply craving for an escape.

Bullying, it has always been there, but
why is it until now that it gets the lime light.

Time's against us.
It took us too long to react,
exposing bullying wont end this disaster.
We've let it get this far. We let it get the best of us.
Innocent lives are taken away,
some people blog about it,
others initiate a plan to save themselves... while others make art on their wrists.
It was never a big deal how you made someone feel.
It never really mattered what you said to them, curse at them, speak to them with disrespect,
it was never important.
Things are different, they bottle their emotions, but one day, it will all simply explode.
The increase in deaths, pain, and devastation in people has sky rocketed,
and a nation who seemed to be never affected, finally was.

You can not regulate the rules in one day and expect outcomes,
you can not make the rules strict without first developing a central basis of understanding
You can not stop something by simply putting a consequence to it when it comes up,
You can, address it to a nation, what is the actual meaning of bullying.
You can, supply people with the knowledge on how it is harming
our nation.
We have to agree that whatever the rules are, we are all aware of them.
We have to make laws that apply in every situation. If a kid feels unsafe he should be able to go anywhere for help.
If one kid makes another kid feel uncomfortable, then the kid should face consequences.
The thing is that these rules have to be the same in every place
it should be reinforced with people keeping a look out.
Parents, teachers, everyone should join in.
The idea is not to just punish a student, to mark on his record that he has committed bullying,
but provide with aid,
bring up the option for the child to be able to receive help, bullies have a characteristic that is among them all,
either they are depressed, or even hurt within,
helping the bullies at an early age can prevent disaster.
It will not be stopped in a blink of an eye,
but let us start at an early age, let us, united, impede and be of guidance
to those who need it.

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