A Painful Memory

May 24, 2012
It is her perfect brown face that I always see,
Than the scene of her death crashes right in front of me.

Her tiny body curved around the massive spear and laying on her side,
Her breathing so soft and shallow, I knew she was going to die.

The other boy lies on the ground, drowning in his own blood.
He had asked for his death when he gave the spear in Rue a final shove.

I untangled her from the net she was in and laid down by her side.
I cradle her broken body in my arms and softly sing her Prim’s lullaby.

She looks up at me; there is some fright in her eyes,
But then she is gone, so I softly say to her goodbye.

The tears are staining my face as I think of that day.
I remember covering her in delicate white flowers and then walking away.

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