World's Best Sport:Soccer

May 29, 2012
By Anonymous

People screaming,
Kids crying because of teams losing,
Teens dreaming of fame one day,
Balls flying way far up in the sky,
Goalies shaking,
Players faking injuries,
Fouls being called,
Players getting fouled,
Coaches blaming,
Spectators swearing,
Game is ending,
Team is wining,
Coaches are sinning,
Reffs are being hollered at,
Fans are bothered by bad calls,
Afterwards comes all the fame,
Players getting paid,
While the average players fade away,
Messi, Beckham, and Rooney,
All feeling the pain of gossip,
Old players retiring,
Coaches hiring young players,
Watching it gives fans a thrill,
Many kids would kill to play soccer well,
For an overall summery soccer is intense,
But if you have any sense you know it’s amazing!

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