Childhood Sound

May 29, 2012
By Lilkate BRONZE, Felton, Pennsylvania
Lilkate BRONZE, Felton, Pennsylvania
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In the middle of the night
I have my eyes shut tight
Both of them think they are right.
And I’m just wishing it would end
Trying to pretend
Its not happening
Laying there, imagining.
How peaceful things would be
If he would just leave her and me.
The horribly loud sound that tears me from my sleep
The screaming and yelling that makes me weep.

Dreaming I could escape this town
Because I know the fighting is bound
To happen over again.
He was supposed to attend
All of those meetings
To help stop the drinking and the beatings.
The terrible sound of the screaming lies
Got really bad for a while
Because of those little glass vials
And she was in so much denial.
The sound of the pain
That breaks my heart
And rips me apart.

It has been like this forever
From the beginning from my start.
It gets better sometimes for a while
But being a good guy is not his style.
So loud and endless
To me it doesn’t make sense.
How two people can “be in love”
But be trying to shove
Each other far away.
And stand and scream and say
All those demeaning words
To try and hurt the other.

I just wish I could hover.
And fly high
Way up into the sky
So I could pass all those bad nights by
And stop asking myself Why?
Because I will never get the answer
The screeching gives me chills
And makes me hope for peace with all my will.
I wish it would change
But it won’t
No matter how much I plead no, please don’t.
Sometimes I wonder
And I wish if it could end
With one loud bang
Or maybe he should Hang?

The author's comments:
My childhood definitely helped me write this piece. It was easy for me to put a lot of emotion in this piece because of the things that were happening at that time in my life.

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