May 23, 2012
By Anonymous

Sitting in the chair I start to realize

i'm tired of doing this tired of typing these lies

I don't wanna write another word for school

so i'll click another tab and search for whats cool

30 minutes go by before I notice

I've done no work I need to buckle down and focus

Procrastinations got me in this situation again

I'm stuck working at this computer I could be hanging with a friend

I'm wasting another day away the clock couldn't tick slower

My teacher doesn't believe I'll do the work so now I've got to show her

Its easy for me to BS a few minutes for me to make it

Turn it in the next day and garruntee that she'll take it

so I'lljust come up with an idea they don't care just turn in something

The clocks says its been another 30 minutes and i have written nothing


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