Run Baby Run

May 23, 2012
By KitKatDomination SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
KitKatDomination SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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You don't give dead flowers to the healing

You don't stomp on dreams still worth dreaming

You can't break a heart not yet whole

You can't sell the devil a virtue less soul

You can't kill something that's already dead

You can't crush happiness in a person filled with dread

You don't give false hope to those with nothing to lose

You can't harm those used to the bruise

You can't break my heart when it's already cracked

You can't hurt me I have already felt life's smack

Wick less candles aren't made to light

Fighting to get me back ain't worth the fight

Wishes on stars don't come true

Same goes for me and you

You've given all those tricks away

And it gets harder for you with each passing day

You have no more damage you can do

Now it's not me but you who's the fool

You finally ran out of ways to hurt me

Now I'm strong again and I'm not known for mercy

You will regret all your lies

I'm coming for you now matter how well you hide

So run baby run from not just me

Run from those you never set free

Run from the dead flowers you gave to my healing heart

Run from my dreams which you tore apart

Run from my soul you do thoroughly tarnished

Run from my feelings now so pure and unvarnished

Run like you never have before

Cause now I'm a woman scorned

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